Vertical Shaft Impactor

Vertical Shaft Impactor

Pralcka vertical shaft Impactors are designed for crushing a wide range of rocks, ores and minerals into fine cubical products. Multi-port rotor designs has increased the Performance. High Application Versatility has achieved due to the various sizes and configurations. Accommodate a broad spectrum of material types, with the help of variable operating speed range.

Working Principle

Feeding hopper will feed the materials to the crusher. In the Crushing chamber, the rotor rotates the fed materials, so the input materials are accelerated to the chamber wall liners. There is another alternative flow material known as torrent flow. The torrent flow is actually the overflow from the feed which is directed in such a direction that it comes in contact with the outcoming accelerated feed materials from the rotor to form rock and rock collision.


  • Produces of superior cubical shape materials
  • Manufacture a large quantity of fine materials.
  • Mass Production, Less Production cost.
  • Rock on Rock technology minimizes the wear cost.
  • Amplified Service life, by high strength carbide rotor.
  • Low maintenance and wear costs.
  • Easy, less grease lubrication.


Model Maximum feed size(mm) Capacity (TPH) Power HP(kW)
PRVI 5060 <30 40 – 50 60 (45)
PRVI 7100 <30 50 – 60 75 (56)
PRVI 7150 <35 90 – 100 100 (75)
PRVI 8200 <45 180 – 200 200 (149)
PRVI 9300 <45 280 – 300 300 (224)
 PRVI 9400 <45 400 – 600 300 x 2(224)
*Capacity can increased by using Higher Horse Power Motor