Secondary Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

Pralcka Jaw Crushers are designed by 40 years well experienced and qualified engineers. The Crusher is designed to produce more quantity at lesser cost. Low wear and Tear.


  • Pralcka Jaw Crushers are incorporated with imported technology.The materials used are very rigid.
  • It is a single Toggle Jaw crusher enable to run on very low horse power motor at very lesser electricity consumption.
  • The advantage of welded frame is that it is equally strong in all directions and ensures excellent durability aganist shock loads. Thus minimizing risk of failure on the main frame.
  • The power transmitted to the eccentric shaft to make the pendulum movement of moving jaw stock to magnesium jaw plate in the crushing chamber to obtain more production.


  • Pralcka Jaw Crushers are trouble free operations and increased optimum life. Roller Bearings are grease lubricated and labyrinth seals to prevent the entry of the dusts and grease leakage.
  • Designed with sacrificial parts to protect the main components of the crusher such as frame, Swing Jaw & Bearings. This reduces Total life cycle costs and increase uptime, as it is less expensive to change the sacrificial parts than the main components.
  • CSS adjustment made with easy hydraulic system.
  • The output material are in Cubical Shape.


Model No Feed Size (mm) Capacity (TPH) Power HP (KW)
PRJC 9015(36×06) 125 30 – 35 50(37)
PRJC 9020(36×08) 175 30 – 35 50(37)
PRJC 9025(36×10) 225 55 – 60 50(37)
PRJC 6040(24×16) 375 40 – 45 50(37)
*Average Crushing Capacity in tons per hour

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