Fine Wash


Pralcka Finewash is designed for extracting a wide range of fine materials. Two grades of sand produced in a single dewatering screening process. Enhanced performance through centrifugal force by the spin. High application versatility achieved through various size and configuration.

Working Principle

Dust from the vibrator feeds into the input chute and mixed with water. Primary dewatering screen receives the mixture and separates coarse material and feeds remaining slurry into the sump. Centrifugal pump feeds the slurry into Hydrocyclone. Due to the centrifugal force, the hydrocyclone segregates fine sand downwards and slurry upwards the fine sand feed to secondary dewatering screen for removal of moisture content.


  • Manufactures large quantity of fine sand.
  • Mass production.
  • Produces two grades of sand.
  • Excellent fine recovery.
  • Economical in operation.
  • Less water consumption.


Model No PRFW 400 PRFW 500 PRFW 600
Capacity (TPH) 50-100 100-150 150-200

Slurry Pump

Suction (mm) 100 150 200
 Delivery (mm) 75 100 150
Slurry Pump Motor kW (hp) 15 (20) 30 (40) 37 (50)
Dewatering Screen (mm) 3060 x 1540 3060 x 1840 3060 x 2440
Dewatering Motor kW (hp) 2.1 (3) 3.1 (4) 4.3 (5.7)